Why Have Grass?

Grass is usually the choice of people when it comes to landscaping. Some people would prefer only grass because of its natural and scenic qualities, while some will also think out of the box to creatively work on landscaping ideas. Landscaping is an art which evokes beauty of a place and provides a space for recreational purposes. Here are some reasons why grass is the best and also not the best option for all landscaping.

Why is it the best option?
1. Improves Air Quality
Air quality is an important aspect when people look for landscaping ideas. Most people prefer landscapes which would rejuvenate their mental and physical health. Moreover, it seems beautiful when landscapes are green and natural. Fresh air keeps the house environment clean and gives a positive vibe.
2. Rainwater Management
Rainwater management is a sustainable way to store or harvest rainwater for later use. Landscaping with natural grass can help in seeping the water during the monsoon period. If a person has planned the landscape to store underwater, then grass is the best option as it filters the water as well. This is also a way to raise the groundwater table in places where there are water issues.
3. Reduces The Temperature Of The House
Designing landscapes with grass can also help in keeping the temperature of the house low by approx 2-3 degrees. Grass keeps the air cool and even in hot temperatures; one can enjoy the cool breeze of their own garden. Moreover, grass would eventually require regular watering, that also keeps the soil from heating up in warm weather.

Why is it not the best option?
1. Low Maintenance
This is the primary reason why grass is not always the best option for landscaping. Using grass for landscaping requires a lot of our time, attention and even maintenance. Not using grass would save a lot of our time as we don’t have to think about the weeds, treating them with insecticides, water them every day and even trimming it regularly. Grass can bring in a number of unknown insects inside the house as well, so it is safe to not keep grass for landscape designing at all.
2. Creativity With New Elements
When one prefers landscaping with only grass, then it is difficult to show new elements within the space. Too much of greenery of the grass can camouflage the intricate designs within the landscape. Terrace garden is a wonderful way to bring in landscaping to the house. Small plants, shrubs, and stones can be used to decorate the landscape.
3. Introducing Contemporary Ideas
Using grass for landscaping can also be considered as an old school idea for some people. Creative people might want to bring in new elements within their landscape. Contemporary designed courtyards with wooden flooring and small plants are the new way to design the landscape. These designs are taken from ancient South East Asian traditions and modeled into a modern design.

Landscape designing is a subjective matter and it depends on an individual’s choice. Both the options are convenient depending on the design, maintenance and even the space available.



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