Privacy Lanscaping

Privacy is one of the most critical features in each garden or open space. The construction style or the ground can cause certain areas to be visible from the outside.

Therefore, it is vital that you know some accessories that can help you recover privacy in your garden. Many of them also serve as architectural solutions and will give you the opportunity to create new spaces for you and your family. These are some recommendations to improve privacy in your home.

Bamboo Fences
Bamboo has become a popular choice for creating fences to give privacy to your patio or garden. This tree is very light but at the same time water-resistant and has a peculiar beauty, different from the common woods. Besides, you can arrange bamboo pieces the way you want it, even create figures on your fence. If you want absolute privacy, you just have to place them one next to the other, and you´ll reduce the visibility from the outside.
Some of the best features of bamboo are: – It is light and simple to transport and install – Does not need substantial maintenance payments – It is easy to find, and its price is accessible

Vertical Gardens
If you are a nature lover, instead of building a fence made of stone or wood, you can choose to create vertical gardens. Trees that reach a considerable height but do not occupy too much space will help you preserve privacy in your garden.

Also, these trees will ensure your garden is always full of life and will be home to many species of birds. This will give your garden a much more natural appearance.

One recommendation is to use cypress trees, which are fast-growing and reach a remarkable height to offer the much-needed privacy. Pines are another option
to plant in your vertical garden.

A fountain can be the ideal solution to give privacy to your patio or garden. You can build a fountain of a considerable height, which will also bring tranquility and harmony to the space you seek to seclude.

The good thing about fountains is that you can build them exactly as you want, and adapt to any sort of space. Also, in them, you can even have some species of fish like the koi fish.

You can create natural stone fountains, and combine other materials such as wood, steel, and glass. A fountain will always add luxury anywhere, in addition to being a place where people find peace.

Wood Or Stone Screens
Screens are a great idea to give privacy to an open space, thanks to its design. There are many materials to create all kinds of screens, although stone and wood are the most used. Screens are an alternative to a standard fence and help improve the house style.

These kinds of accessories are adapted to all needs and budgets, and that’s why they have become so popular. Another benefit from screens is the low maintenance cost, and the ease of use with which you can place them in your garden.

A pergola is an ideal accessory for people who, in addition to privacy, seek to add luxury and comfort to their garden. It is a structure made of wood, metal or other materials that allow you to create a new and useful area.

With a pergola, you can also create an outdoor living room, ideal for summer days, or a dining room for weekend meals with the family. You can choose from many pergolas designs, and combine materials to add luxury to the structure.

You can pick between any of these five options to give privacy to your garden or open spaces. Besides, each of them can provide a unique style to your garden, and give you the opportunity to enjoy quality time in your house.




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