Drainage Issues

If you’ve been wondering how to fix those stubborn drainage problems in your property, the answer is not very simple. Without proper drainage, your house foundation could be at serious risk. Moreover, the repercussions of poor drainage can be quite hazardous to you and your family. So how do you know you have drainage issues in your property? The first sign of drainage problem in your property is when rainwater leaves puddles in your garden that take forever to drain. Another sign is the presence of water stains in your basement. This may be caused by excess surface water from an overflowing gutter or from insufficiently sloping surface runoff from your foundation.

If you notice any sign of drainage problem, you need to address the issue as soon as possible. This is because they can cause costly damages if they aren’t repaired immediately. In this article, we have rounded up some few simple ways on how you can fix drainage issues in your property.

Regular Cleaning
One way to fix and prevent drainage problems is regular cleaning of your downspouts and gutters. This works by preventing clogging and helps to guide rainwater flow away from your home’s foundation. When your house gutters are clogged, , water will flow off your roof and cause moisture to build up around the outside of your home’s foundation. This will create pressure that will in turn cause cracks in your foundation and other serious structural damage.

Yard Grading
It’s important to ensure the ground around your home’s foundation slopes away sufficiently in all directions. You can pinpoint the drainage problem areas in your yard and do some soil adjustments to prevent drainage problems in the future.

Install a Drainage System
Another great way to fix drainage problems is to install a drainage system at the bottom of your home’s foundation if you have a serious water problem. You can put in place a French drain, along with something like a sump pump, in order to remove any moisture from your foundation.

To do this, you need to dig a trench around the footing of your foundation’s. Next, lay a layer of gravel at the bottom of your trench and then place a pipe with drilled holes on top of the gravel so that it can allow water to enter. Lastly, lay more gravel on top of the pipe and cover it with a fabric which will act as a filter to prevent soil from clogging your French drain. If you have a sump pump, you can connect it to the drain to suck any water from your basement or crawl space.

Any time you have suspect or notice any sign of drainage issues in your yard, be it water stains or cracks in your foundation, it’s best to call a home inspector to inspect your home. Home inspections are cheaper compared to the cost of repairing a water damaged basement or foundation. A professional home inspector will assess your house for any signs of water damage and advise on the best solution. Don’t wait until the water problem in your problem gets worse. You can fix with the above tips and make your home safe for you and your family.


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